Let’s Work Together!

We’re not your typical business and shopping company.  We’re not interested in “selling” to you.  Instead, we’d rather create a synergistic relationship with you for mutually combined economic strength!  When we work together, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
Work LIfe Balance

Our Leadership Team:

The folks at the helm of our TTBS leadership team come from a variety of backgrounds.  We’re comprised of military veterans, computer technicians, office administrators, financial planners, web developers, business owners, coaches, retailers, and more, with a backbone parent company that started its success in 1992.  Over the years we have collectively developed systems, software, websites, training programs, and other resources to help countless businesses, households, and entrepreneurs thrive to success.  Each subsidiary division of our company excels in its specialty, and the result is an economic force that offers benefits and rewards in a win-win environment for our customers and our business.

Here’s What We Do:

  • Our Business Services provide specialized background support of what you need most to ensure smooth operations.  Website, marketing, computer support, bookkeeping, and strategic debt elimination.
  • Our Household and Lifestyle Services provide cost savings, smarter shopping, convenience, quality of life, healthier living, and personal debt elimination, plus the added bonus of converting spending to earning..
  • Our Entrepreneurial Services provide viable options and success coaching to create a personalized path to business success and ongoing, residual income in any of 14+ market specialties.

Our Mission:

We strive to ensure that you (our business or household customer, or our team partner) realize value-added benefits and an unparalleled worthwhile relationship with us, and we exceed your expectations in producing results in whatever of our specialties we provide.