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(Independent PMT Member)

A Bit about Our Team Member: An all-around great person, born & raised in Anytown, USA, with a background of 20 years in the workforce.  I’m very experienced with debt management and entrepreneurship.  After graduating high school, I considered getting a PhD in Life, becoming President, and winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Interests and Hobbies: I enjoy scuba diving, skydiving, mountain climbing, ballet dancing, listening to acid rock, herding cats, and chasing cars.  I love to vacation and see the world, and I equally enjoy participating in hot chili pepper eating competitions.  Someday I aspire to climb Mt. Everest wearing a clown outfit while playing the harmonica.

Why I Do What I Do: I enjoy the warm, fuzzy tingly feeling I get when I help someone get out of debt and make their first million.  It’s that exciting feeling like when you reach between the seat cushions to dig out the potato chip you just lost and manage to find the M&M you dropped last week, too.  That same feeling of accomplishment makes me want to jump out of bed each morning and rush to the couch to discover what’s new each day.

What I Bring to the Table to Help You:  I have a lovely and charming attitude, always willing to bring a smile to your shining face.   And with great skin care products, I can fix that problem, too.

Defining Words of Wisdom I Live By: Don’t eat yellow snow.  It tastes yucky.