Are You Ready for Your Journey to Success?

Getting started in your own business venture is both exciting and uncertain.  On one hand you’re ready to create your own destiny while on the other you have a steep learning curve ahead.  Mistakes can be costly and time consuming, so it’s important to get on track to success with the right tools, methods, and strategies early to ensure you’re profitable and growing.

One of the best ways to avoid pitfalls and get on the fast track to success is to use a reliable, time-proven system in which the necessary tools and resources are already in place, there’s a support structure, and a preexisting customer market is established.  Franchises offer such a blueprint for success, but the trade-offs for each franchisee are high costs, ongoing royalty payments, territorial boundaries, and significant operating restrictions.

While small business owners operating aBusiness Startups sole proprietors have more control over running their businesses, the individual risks are much greater and brand exposure to penetrate the marketplace is a significant challenge.  Though much less expensive than owning a franchise, there are usually considerable administrative startup costs and delays establishing the infrastructure to support operating the business, and quite often there is no external support structure.  Your competition would just as soon you fail than help you encroach on their customer base.

Starting your business represents a personal paradigm shift.  Many aspiring business owners have spent most of their lives working as employees rather than building as entrepreneurs.  Taking ownership of, and building a business requires a shift in thinking to a different mindset.  We provide the necessary coaching to help business owners transition to the right mindset for success in business.

We bring a hybrid business model to the table.  Our entrepreneurs follow a franchise-like entrepreneur teamworkbusiness model that has been successful for over 25 years, fully established with a support infrastructure, marketing tools, training programs, and vendor relations in billion-dollar markets.  We have systems in place to assist the new entrepreneur establish their customer base quickly.  You maintain a large degree of autonomy and independence (like the sole proprietor), but you also have the “safety net” of working with the team of an established, successful enterprise (such as a franchise would provide).  The best part is getting started generally costs less than what a cash register would typically cost (around $500) if you were to open a brick-and-mortar store.


If you are ready to begin your future as a successful entrepreneur, consider joining our Prosperity Momentum Team of business owners who operate in any or all of the following markets:

  • Health, wellness, and nutrition
  • Age and weight management
  • Cosmetics and Custom Blended Makeup
  • Home and Garden
  • Automotive Care
  • Pet Care
  • Baby and Children’s Care
  • Website Design, Digital Marketing, and Social Media
  • Financial Services, Debt Elimination, and Merchant Account Sales
  • Music Artist and Entertainment Labels
  • Nutraceutical & Healthcare Professional Sales
  • Skin, Hair, and Personal Care
  • Consulting, Training, and Coaching within Specialty Markets
  • Aggregated Affiliate Retailing, Branding, and Local Marketing

Are you a “Wantrepreneur” who is looking for business ideas but doesn’t know where to start?  You’re not alone.  We can help you become a successful Entrepreneur!  Let’s explore the venture options available to you, along with a risk assessment and goals-focused action plan.  Click the red button to schedule a free 15-minute consultation to “break the ice” with one of our certified Entrepreneurial Venture Coaches, and see how the pieces of your future fit together to shape your business.Schedule a Debt Payoff Strategic Planning Session or Venture Business Coaching Session

We are globally established with growth, expansion, and entrepreneurship opportunities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Spain, and with worldwide sales in many additional emerging market countries.  Our formula for success is in helping you build a business with a 2-3 year plan that provides the equivalent of a multi-million dollar asset that you can expand and someday leave to your kids.

Contact us for an informal interview and to discuss your personal business goals and objectives.  If there is a mutual “good fit” that will produce synergy and success, we will have much more to discuss together!