The Prosperity Solutions Group (PSG) is a division of Top Tier Business Systems, LLC. (TTBS) which administers an educational program to help you pay off debt quickly.  This CONDENSED CLASS is a shortened version of our Financial Acumen course to get you “money smart” fast with a hands-on approach to paying off debt, building a retirement fund, and taking control of your finances.

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The Course Preview above is for the full-length course, but the topics for the CONDENSED CLASS are the same.

The course is fully narrated and includes videos and illustrative animations.  To shorten the class duration, we get right to the point for all of the lessons, and we omit the exercises, assignments, and quizzes.

This class walks you through many of the problem areas where people overpay money to their lenders.  It suggests solutions to common financial problems and teaches how to create a budget, how to organize your finances, how to protect your credit rating, and how to save money without giving up your lifestyle.

If you own a home with a mortgage, have student loans, or carry revolving debt on credit cards or lines of credit, this class will help you pay off your debts faster and build your nest egg in the process.

If you’re getting a late start in life towards saving up towards retirement, this class will help you make up for lost time.

The course provides multiple features, benefits, and resources:

      • Approximately 3.5 hours of guided lesson videos to help attendees pay off debt and start building towards a wealthy lifestyle.
      • Step-by-step instructions to create an organizational file system for tax records and receipts.
      • Manual step-by-step instructions on setting up a realistic household budget.
      • Membership in our Life After Debt Facebook group.
      • Tips and instructions on managing FICO Scores and fixing problems on credit reports.
      • Step-by-step personal financial goal analysis and action planning.
      • A free strategic payoff analysis based on the attendee’s specific and unique financial picture.
      • A free success coaching session (upon request) to provide insight, and explore resources and options.
      • Access the course for 180 days after enrolling.

The class is divided into sixteen lessons as shown below.

The Financial Acumen Course includes the following Learning Modules:

      • Introduction and Orientation Lesson
      • Debt Fueled Economy
      • Types of Debt and How Each Works
      • Common debt Payoff Strategies
      • The Nature of Interest and Its Impact
      • Interest Accrual, Interest Float, and Interest Cancellation
      • Budgets and the Importance of Budgeting
      • FICO Scores, Credit Reports, and Avoiding Mistakes
      • Confusing or Deceptive Marketing, and How to Protect Yourself
      • Income versus Wealth
      • Linear versus Residual Income
      • Building Wealth with Residual Income
      • Systemizing and Leveraging your Niche
      • Goal Setting and Creating an Action Plan
      • Manual, Spreadsheet, and Algorithm Debt Payoff and Wealth Building Methods
      • Creating Your Custom Strategic Debt Payoff and Wealth Building Plan

You can take control over your finances with proven principles, techniques, and strategies to get out of debt and build your retirement nest egg for a wealthy lifestyle.

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