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Achieve Debt-Free NOW.  We’ll Show You How!

Welcome to The Financial Acumen Course®. This course teaches about money, debt payoff, and wealth creation. It’s information that isn’t taught in school, but (in our opinion) should be.  The lessons build upon each other using your actual financial situation, so the course is customized to your unique circumstances rather than simply teaching “general knowledge and theory”.


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Step-by-step you will get hands-on, meaningful and applicable “how to” instruction to make this a practical and impactful, results-producing experience.  If your goal is to pay off debts quickly and increase your income via proven strategies and better money habits, this course is for you.


The course is comprised of 15 individual lessons with “explainer” videos, plus introduction, orientation, and summary materials.  There are 21 videos in all.  There is a no-risk quiz at the conclusion of each lesson.  The easy-to-follow lessons explain the material using examples and illustrations, including cited references for the information presented.  With the exercises and quizzes to reinforce the information and provide feedback to you, this course allows you to learn at-your-own-pace at an unbeatable price.

This course includes a downloadable workbook with individual exercises for each lesson to support learning the material.  The workbook includes all course references, financial worksheets, recommended reading material, and study guide.  Manage and master your finances.  We teach you how to create a livable budget, as well as an organizational filing system to help you track your financial records and prepare for filing your taxes.  As part of the course materials, we provide two unique spreadsheets: one for budgeting, and one to help you determine the “cost” of your debt as you create a financial payoff plan to become debt-free.

Your resulting debt-payoff analysis produced through this course is guaranteed in writing to be the fastest path to debt-free based on the real numbers of your specific circumstances.  Most attendees are able to save tens-to-hundreds of thousands of dollars, and several years, off of their debt situation.  The Financial Acumen Course could very well be the best investment in your financial education that you’ll ever make!

Upon completing this course, you will have a checklist for success in becoming debt-free and building your nest egg for a healthy, wealthy lifestyle.  Again, it is a hands-on course, with each lesson tailored to be relevant to your unique circumstances.  The lessons are based in practical exercises that involve your own actual accounts, debts, and financial situation, rather than simply teaching theory and concepts from an academic standpoint.

So, in a nutshell, this course is directly applicable to you.

We also will provide a free consultation (if you want it) to review your coursework, address your specific questions, and provide some sideline financial and success coaching to get you on your way to a prosperous future.  Upon enrolling in this course, the course remains available for a full 180 days.


Course Syllabus:


Module 1: Introduction and Orientation   (25:26)
Module 2: The Debt Module

Lesson 1: Our Debt Fueled Economy   (43:31)
Lesson 2: Types of Debt and How Each Works   (57:32)
Lesson 3: Common Debt Payoff Strategies   (49:47)
Lesson 4: The Nature of Interest and Its Impact   (53:45)
Lesson 5: Interest Accrual, Interest Float, and Interest Cancellation   (50:32)
Lesson 6 (Part One): Recordkeeping, Taxes, and Budgeting   (37:28)
Lesson 6 (Part Two): Recordkeeping, Taxes, and Budgeting   (45:51)
Lesson 7: FICO Scores, Credit Reports, and Avoiding Mistakes   (50:35)
Lesson 8: Confusing and Deceptive Marketing, and How to Protect Yourself   (1:31:07)

Module 3: The Wealth Module

Lesson 1: Income vs. Wealth   (27:04)
Lesson 2: Linear vs. Residual Income   (35:10)
Lesson 3: Building Wealth with Residual Income   (1:03:04)
Lesson 4: Systemizing and Leveraging your Niche   (19:39)
Lesson 5: Goal Setting and Creating an Action Plan   (41:50)

Module 4: “How To” Financial Independence

Lesson 1: Manual, Spreadsheet, and Algorithm-based Methods   (1:02:55)
Lesson 2: Your Custom Strategic Debt-Payoff and Wealth-Building Plan   (13:45)

Module Conclusions and Course Summary   (16:52)


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