Financial Acumen Course CONDENSED Class


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The Financial Acumen Course teaches you how to become debt-free and build wealth.

If you owe money on student loans, mortgages, car loans, credit cards, or other debts, this class teaches you how to effectively get out of debt via the “fastest path to zero” through strategic payoff methods.  The class also walks through structured ways to increase income, create a retirement income stream, and achieve a wealthy lifestyle.

Over 3.5 hours of course videos to rapidly learn about money, debt-payoff, and income-boosting.  The class also teaches you how to create an effective, livable budget and organizational filing system for your financial records.  A free debt-payoff financial analysis is also included.  The course remains active for a full 180 days after enrollment.



The Financial Acumen Course CONDENSED Class

Welcome to the Financial Acumen Course, CONDENSED Class. This class teaches about money, debt payoff, and wealth creation. It’s information that isn’t taught in school, but (in our opinion) should be.

The course is comprised of a 3.5 hour video training on the topics cited below.  Learn at your own pace, at an unbeatable price.

This is a hands-on course to help you manage and master your finances.  We teach you how to create a budget, as well as an organizational filing system to help you track your financial records and prepare for filing your taxes.

Upon completing this class, you will be on the way to success in becoming debt-free and building your nest egg for a healthy, wealthy lifestyle.  This course teaches you how to save thousands of dollars, years off your debt, and a systematic wealth-building plan to improve your financial situation.

Upon course completion, we will provide you with a free financial analysis to compare with your own computations.  We also will provide a free consultation (upon request) to review your specific questions and provide some sideline financial & success coaching to get you on your way to a prosperous future.  The course remains active for a full 180 days after enrollment.


Course Syllabus:

Topics:    (Total Time: 3 hours, 37 minutes)

Our Debt Fueled Economy
Types of Debt and How Each Works
Common Debt Payoff Strategies
The Nature of Interest and Its Impact
Interest Accrual, Interest Float, and Interest Cancellation
Recordkeeping, Taxes, and Budgeting
FICO Scores, Credit Reports, and Avoiding Mistakes
Confusing and Deceptive Marketing, and How to Protect Yourself
Income vs. Wealth
Linear vs. Residual Income
Building Wealth with Residual Income
Systemizing and Leveraging your Niche
Goal Setting and Creating an Action Plan
Manual, Spreadsheet, and Algorithm-based Methods
Your Custom Strategic Debt-Payoff and Wealth-Building Plan


1 review for Financial Acumen Course CONDENSED Class

  1. sandyk (verified owner)

    Super packed with information. Learned about stuff I’ve been doing that is costing me more than it should, but more important, what I need to do to fix it. Big money saver and very easy to follow. Better than any of the other money classes I’ve taken.

    Recommending to all my friends and family.


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