Financial Acumen Course


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The Financial Acumen Course teaches you how to become debt-free and build wealth.

If you owe money on student loans, mortgages, car loans, credit cards, or other debts, this class teaches you how to effectively get out of debt via the “fastest path to zero” through strategic payoff methods.  The class also walks through structured ways to increase income, create a retirement income stream, and achieve a wealthy lifestyle.

Over twelve hours of course videos, plus a 100 page downloadable workbook, hands-on learning exercises, quizzes to provide learning feedback, and a risk-free exam at the end of the course ensure that you gain as much as possible from taking this class.  The class also teaches you how to create an effective, livable budget and organizational filing system for your financial records.  Spreadsheet tools, relevant references, and a free financial analysis are also included.  The course remains active for a full 180 days after enrollment.



The Financial Acumen Course

Welcome to the Financial Acumen Course.  This course teaches about money, debt payoff, and wealth creation. It’s information that isn’t taught in school, but (in our opinion) should be.

The course is comprised of 15 individual lessons, plus introduction, orientation, and summary materials.  There are 21 videos in all.  There is a quiz at the conclusion of each lesson and a comprehensive exam at the end of the course.  In all, the video playtime totals fourteen hours and five minutes of easy-to-follow lessons that explain the material using examples and explanations, including cited references for the information presented.  With the exercises, quizzes, and exams to reinforce the information and provide feedback to you, this course averages about 20 hours of learning at-your-own-pace, at an unbeatable price.

The course includes a downloadable workbook with individual exercises for each lesson to support learning the material.  The workbook is a total of 100 pages and includes all course references, financial worksheets, recommended reading material, and an exam study guide.

This is a hands-on course to help you manage and master your finances.  We teach you how to create a budget, as well as an organizational filing system to help you track your financial records and prepare for filing your taxes.  As part of the course materials, we provide two unique spreadsheets: one for budgeting, and one to help you determine the “cost” of your debt as you create a financial payoff plan to become debt-free.

Upon completing this course, you will have a checklist for success in becoming debt-free and building your nest egg for a healthy, wealthy lifestyle.  This course teaches you how to save thousands of dollars, years off your debt, and a systematic wealth-building plan to improve your financial situation.  Again, it is a hands-on course, with each lesson tailored to be relevant to your unique circumstances.  The lessons are based in practical exercises that involve your own actual accounts, debts, and financial situation, rather than simply teaching theory and concepts from an academic standpoint.

So, in a nutshell, this course is directly applicable to you.

Upon course completion, we will provide you with a free financial analysis to compare with your own computations.  We also will provide a free consultation to review your coursework, address your specific questions, and provide some sideline financial and success coaching to get you on your way to a prosperous future.  The course remains active for a full 180 days after enrollment.

Course Syllabus:


Module 1: Introduction and Orientation   (24:33)
Module 2: The Debt Module

Lesson 1: Our Debt Fueled Economy   (43:31)
Lesson 2: Types of Debt and How Each Works   (57:32)
Lesson 3: Common Debt Payoff Strategies   (49:47)
Lesson 4: The Nature of Interest and Its Impact   (53:45)
Lesson 5: Interest Accrual, Interest Float, and Interest Cancellation   (50:32)
Lesson 6 (Part One): Recordkeeping, Taxes, and Budgeting   (37:28)
Lesson 6 (Part Two): Recordkeeping, Taxes, and Budgeting   (45:51)
Lesson 7: FICO Scores, Credit Reports, and Avoiding Mistakes   (50:35)
Lesson 8: Confusing and Deceptive Marketing, and How to Protect Yourself   (1:31:07)

Module 3: The Wealth Module

Lesson 1: Income vs. Wealth   (27:04)
Lesson 2: Linear vs. Residual Income   (35:10)
Lesson 3: Building Wealth with Residual Income   (1:03:04)
Lesson 4: Systemizing and Leveraging your Niche   (19:39)
Lesson 5: Goal Setting and Creating an Action Plan   (41:50)

Module 4: “How To” Financial Independence

Lesson 1: Manual, Spreadsheet, and Algorithm-based Methods   (1:02:55)
Lesson 2: Your Custom Strategic Debt-Payoff and Wealth-Building Plan   (13:45)

Module Conclusions and Course Summary   (16:52)


12 reviews for Financial Acumen Course

  1. flybyweb (verified owner)

    Outstanding! Well worth the spend. I’ve put to use what I learned and have been able to boost my income while cutting my costs. Best part is that there’s no “pain” to putting it all in place. Very cool! Highly recommended!

  2. tagme (verified owner)

    I’ve been a Dave Ramsey follower for quite awhile. This class fills in the gaps where DR doesn’t go.

    Great material. Great delivery. I was really impressed. When I finished the course and considered all the material covered, I’m honestly surprised that it doesn’t cost $500 or more. Using the actual tools and materials made available in the budgeting, planning, and payoff sections, I went from a 25+ year payoff of mortgage, HELOC, credit cards and car loans to a plan that has me debt-free in under 6 years. From that perspective, I’m saving tens of thousands of dollars and years off of my debt.

    This is AWESOME!

  3. hubsarmymom (verified owner)

    I loved this course! I have taken many classes online through the years and this was by far the best one ever. Well done. The quality was outstanding. The examples used to explain the material were relevant and meaningful. I was able to understand the why and how of what was being discussed. I highly recommend this class to anyone that wants to have a grip on their debt or to improve their wealth. Even if you are debt free this class is (Pardon the pun) a wealth of information. 🙂

  4. Natasha.Davis (verified owner)

    Great class. Long but worth it. Bye to student loans and owing on credit cards. Wish I learned this a few years back.

  5. brysonj1982 (verified owner)

    I’m reasonably money “smart”, but using just the information in the first 4 lessons, I’ve saved several thousands of dollars.

    When they say that this stuff is not taught in school, they’re not kidding. Everyone needs this.

    Take this class. It’s really, really good!

  6. tom (verified owner)

    Great information delivered clearly. The assignments and exercises made it “real” to my situation. This class doesn’t just cover “what” to do… it covers “why” and “how” to do it, and the free financial coaching session is a huge benefit/value.

    Everyone should take this class.

  7. Jamison Williams (verified owner)

    I was already on my way to being debt free when I enrolled in the class, but still learned a lot and shaved another couple of years off of my debt payoff schedule. My reason for taking the class was because of the wealth lessons. I wanted to find a good side hustle for adding to my income. I’ll be up front in saying my expectations weren’t the highest, but I was very pleasantly surprised. I was blown away!

    This course helped me pick apart a few different opportunities that I was considering, and it showed me step-by-step how to make the best choices for me. I wish other programs covered the decision process like this class does. It really takes you by the hand and helps you figure out a good fit for building a new income stream without a lot of “background noise”. Very practical and sensible. Highly recommended.

  8. Kyle Richardson (verified owner)

    Took the class. Awesome.

    Got the free analysis. Using the the information in the course, I’ll be debt free in under 6 years instead of 28 years (mortgage, car loans, student loans and credit cards).

    I didn’t believe it at first. Sounded too good to be true. But doing the math, I knocked off over $12,000 in future interest off my debt in the first month. This course is a winner. Thank you.

  9. financiallegacyfirm (verified owner)

    A true game changer! I love that the Financial Acumen Course is set up with your actual financial situation so the course is real life instead of general or hypothetical numbers. This program gives methodical ways to learn the key elements about saving, budgeting and earning income. This is the financial education we all need.

    The exercises in between the worksheets create a great way to get you where you need to be. If you work the system, the system will work for you.

    The graphics and audio are perfect. The content is delivered in a way that demonstrates the what, when, how and why of finances. Very well put together.

  10. jkasper (verified owner)

    A lot of complicated information was presented during this course but was broken down in modules and lessons to help make it manageable and retainable. I found the analogies and visual tools used to simplify the information to be very useful. I found that what I thought I knew was not necessarily the case and I am very motivated to use the information from this course to get myself to a debt free life.

    I had my free analysis done and I will be debt free in 3.1 years instead of the 9.5 years the banks had me scheduled for.

  11. Jeremy Worth (verified owner)

    Course is excellent. I started saving money and seeing a difference while taking the lessons by applying what I was learning. I like how it helps improve cash flow without drastically altering my lifestyle. I saved money without missing anything. I will recommend this to my friends.

    Maybe make the website a bit nicer looking. I’ll give five stars for the course, three stars for the website appearance, no offense.

  12. Julia Mitchell (verified owner)

    Great online course. Very useful. Eye opening.

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