Partnering In Success Course


The Partnering In Success Course is a series of three video modules that teaches you how to earn a residual income through using social media marketing and our Partner In Success Program.

If you want to add an income stream to your household, but you aren’t comfortable making sales yourself, our Partner In Success Program (PS Program) might be the right choice for you.  There’s no signup fee to get started, we do all the “heavy lifting” when it comes to consulting, coaching, and client interaction.  You simply keep your ears open for people we can help, mention us to them, then if they reach out for more information, we do the rest.  If we can help them, we show our appreciation in “Thank You” Payments, which is our version of a referral fee or affiliate payment.

Since most people aren’t comfortable or experienced in using social media for business, the Partnering in Success Course teaches you everything you need to know to earn “Thank You” Payments without being “spammy“, exploiting your relationships, or getting out of your “comfort zone”.  In fact, we’ve simplified the process by creating daily checklists of simple tasks to perform on Facebook, and we even provide you with the content to post.  Nothing is left to chance.  You don’t need to study.  You don’t need to create.  You don’t even need to think.  Just spend 20-30 minutes per day following the checklists we include in this course, copy and paste the content we provide, and let our system do the rest for you.

The course is one hour and forty-five minutes long, and narrated from start to finish.  And as an added benefit, the concepts you learn here can be put to use in marketing any business venture you build.  And the 200-page downloadable PSG Marketing Manual & Workbook is included.


The Partnering In Success Course

Welcome to the Partnering In Success Course.  This course teaches how to effectively build an income stream as a Partner In Success affiliate.

The course is comprised of 3 video modules, plus our Marketing Manual & Workbook which contains our blueprint for success in branding yourself, developing a social media following, and effectively referring clients to The Prosperity Solutions Group so you can earn “Thank You” Payments.  In all, the video playtime totals one hour and forty-five minutes of easy-to-follow lessons that explain the material using examples and explanations for the information presented.

The Marketing Manual & Workbook is a 200-page, downloadable reference with specific daily checklists and content to support your success.

PSG Partnering In Success Marketing Manual & Workbook

The social media training taught in this course is applicable to anyone who wants to use social media for business.   The concepts are directly applicable to any business or venture.  In creating our Partner In Success Program, we’ve created an affiliate partner program that completely departs from the “spammy“, “salesy“, “pitchy” stuff you’ve undoubtedly seen on social media.  We keep social media social.

Not only do we keep it social, we also provide you with daily checklists of specific actions and specific content to post each day.  Nothing is left to chance.  Nothing is left to your imagination.  We provide you with exactly what to post, day-by-day, to get results in referring clients to us.  And we pay you “Thank You” Payments for referrals that result in our ability to help new clients.

WE do all the “heavy lifting“.  You don’t have to think.  you don’t have to create.  And you don’t have to be technicalYOU just have to follow a checklist and get paid as WE help people learn about money, get out of debt, and earn more.  We explain the entire process in the Partnering In Success Course.

The Partnering in Success course modules are divided into three modules as shown below.  The entire video course is one hour, forty-five minutes long and is completely narrated.  The 200-page downloadable reference manual with daily checklists and additional resources is provided as part of the course.  Spiral-bound, full-color printed copies of the manual are available separately.

  • Module 1- Affiliate Partner Program  (45 minutes)
  • Module 2- Creating Success  (38 minutes)
  • Module 3- Administration  (22 minutes)

The Partnering In Success Course explains our program, provides training on social media marketing, and equips you with the tools and resources to create an additional income stream for yourself.  It provides a step-by-step 90-day marketing manual with an action plan for success, as well as useful resources to create your own success via our affiliate program.

Unlike many “business opportunities where you are required to “pay to play“, our Partnering In Success program is free and does not require recruiting or direct selling.

And here’s another significant difference: Most affiliate programs “pay once and done” for a qualified referral, but our program offers a residual component so you can earn passive income through word-of-mouth via existing clients.  This empowers you to help others with becoming debt-free as well as create a potentially sizable residual income as described further in the Partnering in Success Course.



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