The Partnering In Success Course

A Way to Create
Residual Income
or Selling.

The Prosperity Solutions Group® (PSG) is a division of Top Tier Business Systems, LLC®. (TTBS) which administers educational and financial literacy programs to help businesses and individuals strategically pay off debt quickly.  Our core offering is The Financial Acumen Course® is designed in four modules to stay up-to-date with the latest financial trends, strategies, tools, tips, and information.

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The social media marketing training taught in this course is applicable to anyone who wants to use social media for business.   The concepts are directly applicable to any business or venture.  In creating our Partner In Success 

Program, we’ve created an affiliate partner program that completely departs from the “spammy“, “salesy“, “pitchy” stuff you’ve undoubtedly seen on social media.  We keep social media social.

Not only do we keep it social, we also provide you with daily checklists of specific actions and specific content to post each day.  Nothing is left to chance.  Nothing is left to your imagination.  We provide you with exactly what to post, day-by-day, to get results in referring clients to us.  And we pay you “Thank You” Payments for referrals that result in our ability to help new clients.

WE do all the “heavy lifting“.  You don’t have to think.  you don’t have to create.  And you don’t have to be technicalYOU just have to follow a checklist and get paid as WE help people learn about money, get out of debt, and earn more.  We explain the entire process in the Partnering In Success Course.

The Partnering in Success course modules are divided into three modules as shown below.  The entire video course is one hour, forty-five minutes long and is completely narrated.  The 200-page downloadable reference manual with daily checklists and additional resources is provided as part of the course.  Spiral-bound, full-color printed copies of the manual are available separately.

  • Module 1- Affiliate Partner Program  (45 minutes)
  • Module 2- Creating Success  (38 minutes)
  • Module 3- Administration  (22 minutes)

The Partner-In-Success Program is structured for the individual who wants to build or add services to their own income venture by offering The Financial Acumen Course to their clients or on a referral basis.  In addition to offering “Thank You” payment from the course tuition price, they earn $100 to $300 per referral who decides to start with our algorithm-based payoff solution available through the Prosperity Momentum Team’s (PMT) independent certified coaches.

Becoming a Partner In Success is COMPLETELY FREE.  All you need to do is submit the PS Agreement form, W-9 form, and PSG-50 Photo Release form below, and you are eligible to earn “Thank You” Payments for your affiliate referrals.  We have created this optional course for your benefit, though, to help you learn and master our proven system, and to equip you with tools to streamline your income venture.  The tuition cost of this course covers our overhead expenses for producing and maintaining it.  Although it is not required, we highly recommend it.  In a nutshell, getting properly trained by taking this course is optional… but so is success.