The Prosperity Momentum Team (PMT)

Our team is focused on our collective, mutual success as entrepreneurs.  Everyone brings something unique to the table, and by embracing each member’s strengths they contribute to the team we overcome individual weaknesses.  As a result, our team of entrepreneurs continues to grow stronger and more prosperous with increasing momentum.
PMT Teamwork

The formula for success is not random or arbitrary.  It starts with a solid, franchise-like formula of systemization, resources, and leadership experience.  Our business model is enhanced by standardized training, available globally, and keystoned by five basic business building principles that create a roadmap for each entrepreneur.  Our top performers maintain accountability to themselves and their fellow team members while individually pursuing their own business ventures.  Due to our unique business model, each member is positioned for growth and success via the sales of the collective customer base of the entire team, regardless of each business owner’s chosen market or specialty.

A Case Study: The Unique All-Around Win-Win of Our Business

One of our markets includes retail sales of consumer shopping through any of over 3,000 partner stores.  Suppose a customer shops for a television and purchases it through a partner stores, Best Buy.  In addition to the customer saving money by earning cash back on their TV purchase through the relationship with Best Buy, each business owner within that sales team earns 100% credit for the sale, as if the sale were made through their own business.

Working from homeIn this way, and with all of our other markets as well, our Prosperity Momentum Team members enjoy an economic synergy that embraces each other’s efforts in success. Since all of our markets are tied to billion-dollar industries that are in high demand, our business model is not only recession-proof, it also allows rapid growth by design when our team of entrepreneurs adheres to following the business plan and basic principles of business building.  That’s where proper coaching and commitment are essential to achieving success early in each business owner’s respective venture.

What makes us unique?  Unlike many (most) home-based businesses, we are not paid in “levels” or follow a “Multi-Level” marketing business model.  Though our business owners are economically connected through our mutual business interests, one individual’s success has no dependency on the performance of any other individual.  And we take no part in the typical gimmicks that inhibit success in such business models.  We simply have a proprietary, successful franchise-like model that is optimally leveraged to earn a professional income.

Our business coaches work with you where you are.  Some people have the ambition to build a professional income from home while others are more inclined to create a secondary stream of income alongside their existing occupation or career.  One of the first things our coaches and leaders do is work to identify specific, realistic, concrete and tangible goals and tailor the business plan for the new entrepreneur.  It makes no sense to push someone in a direction they don’t want to go, so ensuring that each team member is on track to how they define individual success is important.  And in fairness, our coaches simply ask for each business owner to come to the table and put forth the commitment and effort commensurate with reaching the agreed-upon goals rather than habitually providing excuses or being conspicuously absent from the process.  When it comes to being realistic an honest with yourself, we often say, “Do it, or do not do it.  There is no ‘try’.




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