The Prosperity Solutions Group (PSG)


Welcome to the Prosperity Solutions Group!

The Prosperity Solutions Group (PSG) is a division of Top Tier Business Systems, LLC®, a Pennsylvania-based company established in 2016 specializing in business, household, and entrepreneurial interests.  PSG is chartered to provide consumers and business owners with financial literacy, as well as manual and automated, fastest-path-possible financial methods to become debt-free and build wealth.Happy People

Most consumers and business owners struggle with some kind of debt.  Even those who eliminate their debts can benefit from support via tools and resources to improve cash flow and increase wealth (or profitability).  One household or business at a time, we help individuals improve their quality of life by providing tools, resources, education and the financial foresight to empower them to manage their financial future.  We teach people how to build efficiencies into their day-to-day routines, empowering them to save money, become debt-free, and create a healthy, wealthy lifestyle for themselves.

Our business ethics and standards of conduct are consistent with maintaining a fiduciary responsibility to our clients and customers.

We currently offer three courses in a themed trilogy: Learning, Earning, and Owning.

Course #1The Financial Acumen Course®.  This course teaches attendees about money, debt, and wealth building. It’s information that isn’t taught in school, but (in our opinion) should be.  Learn strategies to pay down debts faster by manual, spreadsheet, or algorithm-based programs; and learn how to convert existing household expenses into income sources to save money towards a secure retirement.  You’ll learn practical ways to get ahead financially using resources you already have and money you already spend, without making dramatic changes to your lifestyle or giving up your morning latte.

Course #2Partnering in Success Course.  This course teaches a systemized approach to earning and includes concepts of Internet and Social Media Marketing to build an additional income stream venture without having to start a business, sell products or services, or otherwise get out of your comfort zone.  Our Partnering In Success program is a free way to earn ongoing referral “Thank You” Payments for introducing people who we help become debt-free and/or build their entrepreneurial venture in any of 14 prominent markets.  This course isn’t required to participate in the program, but it provides the training, tools, and path for success…  So we strongly suggest you take it if you’re a Partner In Success.  (And you can apply the included social media training to help you brand yourself, expand your reach, and become an influencer in ANY other business venture you pursue).

Course #3Debt & Wealth Coach Entrepreneurship Course.  This course teaches principles in success for entrepreneurs and business owners, and it comes with individualized coaching to help you achieve success in your venture.  (Prerequisites: Course #1 and Course #2, and interview approval).  Experience success in your business venture with us.  Get training on providing solutions to clients and entrepreneurial candidates.  Learn how to provide meaningful financial literacy consultations & venture success coaching.  And master business building strategies.  This free course is required for all PSG Facilitators, Coaches and Mentors.



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